Chronoforms V4 change

We are proud to announce the release of Chronoforms V4.0, the new version is a complete remake of the old one, almost all code has been rewritten, the result is a stronger and more modular and easy to use forms manager for all the Joomla users, we wish that you will like it, we would like to hear your comments on the forums.

The most important feature in the new version is the new easy to use Wizard, the new wizard has an "Events manager", which can let you control everything in your form, you can design your form's view (fields..etc) and your forms' actions as well, you can now tell your form to do what you want it to do whenever you want it done, conditional actions based on events, some events are there by default like the "form load" & "form submit" events, other events are triggered by some actions, like the "captcha success" event, "captcha fail" or even some "Transaction passed" event, all this is completely controllable through the wizard, using drag and drop.

We will update this page with a feature list later, Thanks for reading!! :)

RC1.1 has been released, changes are:

  1. General fixes. (Important ones, you should upgrade)
  2. Date time picker field.
  3. ReCaptcha plugin added.

RC1.2 changes:
  1. Important general fixes.
  2. Many enhancements have been added to the wizard.
  3. Plugin added.
  4. Load CSS action added.

  1. Many general improvements and fixes, added many help strings every where to aid the users.
  2. Arrays can be handled on demand now through a handle arrays action.
  3. DB Record Loader action (Profile plugin in V3)
  4. Debugger action.
  5. Session Data actions.
  6. CURL action.
  7. Custom main form events can be added now instead of 2 main events only: load & submit.

  1. Many general improvements and fixes.
  2. Simple Multi Language action.
  3. 2 security actions, one of them is a simple Authentication (user group) checker.
  4. Joomla Registrations and Login Actions.
  5. Improvements to the DB Save and Record loader actions.
  6. Super new Multi Record loader action, able to associate db tables and load the data in a nice way.

  1. General fixes and improvements.
  2. New submit article action to save new articles to your Joomla website.
  3. Auto server side validation action to help you add more security to your form.
  4. Paypal Pro action added.
  5. payment processor actions added.
  6. New Chronoforms plugin posted, now you can show your form inside Joomla articles.

  1. General fixes and improvements.
  2. New Easy Form wizard mode, simplifies the form building process for users who are not familiar with the new interface, but will not give them all the abilities available in the advanced wizard interface.

  1. General fixes and improvements. (Yes, more!) :)
  2. Confirmation Page Action.
  3. New Forms backup and restore option in the backend.

  1. General fixes and improvements.
  2. 2 Redirect actions added created by Bob (Greyhead)

  1. General fixes and improvements.
  2. New Paypal redirect and IPN processor actions
  3. New date time picker action to help you customize your own date picker elements.
  4. New Custom text/header element.
  5. New tight form CSS support.

  1. General fixes and improvements.
  2. New Auto Completer actions.
  3. New Auto JavaScript validation action.
  4. New HTTP Request action.
  5. New Meta Tager action.
  6. Some enhancements and features added to the Multi record loader action.
  7. New Admin forms and functions feature added.

  1. General fixes and improvements.
  2. New "Security Question" element and actions.
  3. New "File Downloader" action.
  4. the old "Image resize" plugin is now available for V4.
  5. "Joomla Plugins" action to help run joomla plugins inside the form.
  6. New "Dynamic Dropdown" action for easy dropdown chains (static or dynamic/AJAX).
  7. Greyhead's "CSV Export" action is installed by default.
  8. New admin area "Actions Installer".

  1. General fixes and improvements.
  2. New "Multi Page" Action and elements.
  3. Joomla Tabs/Sliders display support.
  4. Joomla!2.5 Support.

  1. More fixes and improvements.
  2. New Forms Apps setting.
  3. ChronoConnectivity V4 support.

  1. More fixes and improvements.
  2. New User Creation/Update action.
  3. New Mootools Datepicker and User activation for the J1.6 version.

  1. More fixes and improvements.
  2. Easy wizard mode has been remade to be much more easier, trying to be as simple as V3 was.
  3. New XLS file backup action.
  4. New fields values hashing action for improved form security.
  5. Logout action.
  6. New Container Element useful for different purposes.
  7. New iFrame request action.
  8. Integration with the new Connectivity version and their latest sister ChronoForums.

  1. More fixes and improvements to the core and many actions.
  2. New widgets feature, including the Multi file uploader widget.

ChronoForms Book

The ChronoForms Book, written for ChronoForms v3 contains 350 pages of invaluable ChronoForms How-tos hints and tips.

Note: many of the ideas can be used in ChronoForms v4 but the admin interface is very different and code examples may need to be modified.


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