ChronoConnectivity V4 is out

We are proud to announce the release of ChronoConnectivity V4.0, the new version is a complete remake of the old one, almost all the code has been rewritten. The result is a stronger; more modular and easier to use data manager for all Joomla users. We hope that you will like it, and look forward to hear your comments on our forums.

Download from here

ChronoConnectivity V4 requires Chronoforms V4 RC3.2 or later installed.

The main features of the new release are:

  1. Multi Database tables support.
  2. Admin area or frontend data listing support.
  3. Support for all CRUD operations on 1 or more tables, plus supporting basic features like pagination, search, sorting, data filtering...etc.
  4. Full users groups access permissions configuration.
  5. Tasks Control support using the Chronoforms Events-Actions system*.
  6. Auto or Custom data listing to save your time.
  7. SEO url support with the basic Joomla SEF support.
*With the Task Control feature, you can control when will any CRUD action will be executed, for example:
  • You want the user to confirm something before deleting a record.
  • Send an email when a record is updated.
Doing any type of processing before running any of the CRUD operations is possible using the Chronoforms-ChronoConnectivity combination.
Please let us know your thoughts on our forums.

Getting started

In order to create a 1st basic connection, you should:

#1- Enter connection name.
#2- Select a db table.
#3- Navigate to the "Admin list settings" tab and enter few table columns names in the "List View Fields" box.
#4- Go to the "Admin permissions" tab and set the "List Permissions" to "Super users" (or whatever group you have).

Now you can save the connection and display the table data through the "Admin list" link, for adding/editing you will need to connect a Chronoform to your connection, but your form's App should be set to "ChronoConnectivity", you can find the form App setting under the form's "Edit" page.


ChronoForms Book

The ChronoForms Book, written for ChronoForms v3 contains 350 pages of invaluable ChronoForms How-tos hints and tips.

Note: many of the ideas can be used in ChronoForms v4 but the admin interface is very different and code examples may need to be modified.


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